Frequently asked Questions

Find the answers to some common questions about Little LogBook
Little LogBook is a remarkable GPS logging device no larger than a flash drive
» 1. What is Little LogBook?

The Little LogBook device is a GPS trip logger device that enables you to record all your vehicle mileage accurately. The Little LogBook software allows you to categorise and manage your recorded trips for the purpose of producing reports for business and/or tax purposes.

» 2. Is there a monthly subscription or annual contract fee?

Our Little LogBook Global software is free to use.

» 3. Can I use my Little LogBook in other countries?

Yes, Little LogBook uses GPS and works anywhere in the world. Except the polar regions not covered by the satellite network in use.

» 4. Where is my trip information stored?

Little LogBook Global is located locally on your computer. None of the data is stored online (in the cloud).

» 5. Can I use the Little LogBook device in more than one vehicle?

Little LogBook's recorded data is downloaded to the vehicle it is registered to and can therefore not be used in more than one vehicle simultaneously. However, it can be deregistered and re-registered to a new vehicle.

» 6. How many devices can be registered on my computer?

As many as your computer capacity allows.

» 7. How do I know if my device memory is full?

The LED behavior on the device changes at 80% and again at 100%. Once full, it stops recording. The software also indicates device usage when plugged in.

» 8. How often should I download my trip data?

This is dependent on your mileage activity. However, we recommend you download frequently to preserve the data. Once every week or two is advisable.

» 9. Will it work on Mac OS?

Little LogBook Global does not run natively on Mac OS, but many of our Clients successfully run it using software such as Parallels Desktop, Boot Camp or VM Ware.

» 10. Will Little LogBook record indoors?

No, Little LogBook uses GPS technology and needs line of sight to the satellites to function.

» 11. What is Little LogBook Global?

The original Little LogBook software (Pre August 2016) has achieved many accolades and fans across the world. But as our Client base has boomed and diversified between business and personal applications, our software has been redeveloped to better suit you, our Customer. Little LogBook Global has purposefully been redesigned, to reduce administration, greatly enhance the user experience and is packed with features you don’t even know you want yet. Upgrade now for free

» 12. Why should I upgrade?

a) Improved layout and easy to use.
b) Seamless integration of your current Trip data from v1.
c) More map options (New)
d) Automated Trip data back ups (New)
e) Reduced administration with Automark Rules (New)
f) Vehicle service interval, License renewal and Custom reminders (New)
g) Nothing prevents you from using your old Little LogBook software, but it is important to note, we will deprecate this software and only continue offering tech support on the old software until the end of October 2016.

» 13. Will I lose my old data?

No, the original application and data will not be deleted or affected by upgrading to Little LogBook Global. Simply continue where you left off in the old software, when you import your existing Trip data.

» 14. Do I need to connect to the internet for the free upgrade?

Yes, the update is downloaded from our website. It is also important to be connected to the internet during the first download of trip data to Little LogBook Global.

» 15. Why do I need to be connected to the internet during my first download from the device?

Little LogBook Global is geared for international use and during the first download the software downloads the Suburb and Point of Interest names required for the region you travel in. If you were not connected to the internet during the first download, you can reapply the GeoNames from the context menu when you have an internet connection.

» 16. Where is Little LogBook Global installed?

Little LogBook Global is installed on your PC C:Little LogBook Global (Folder).

» 17. Will my old Little LogBook device work on Little LogBook Global software?

Yes, you can use any of our Little LogBook devices, however your old generation devices are not ideally suited for the awesome new features in Little LogBook Global.

» 18. How do I know if I have an old generation device?

When you plug an old generation device into the Little LogBook Global software, the software identifies it and you will receive a message to indicate it. The improved accuracy, in our new models, is extensively applied to benefit from the new features.

» 19. Why does my data reflect the wrong currency?

Your currency is picked up from your regional settings on your PC. Visit our Helpdesk to find out how to change it or use the "Localisation" option to manually make changes.

» 20. How do I change between Metric or Imperial settings?

Your regional settings on your PC control this. Visit our Helpdesk to find out how to change it or use the "Localisation" option to manually make changes.