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Benefits of using Little LogBook for Business or Private use

Individual Tax and Business Mileage Claims

Turn your business mileage into money

Life seems to be made up of a series of burning hoops we jump through day after day with some causing more anxiety than others. One of the worst fires to contend with, is dealing with the TAXMAN.

Tax submission time, must rank as one of the most stressful times throughout the year! Dreams of receiving money back from the TAXMAN, are far overshadowed by the pressing fear that you might be facing a shortfall, penalties or in the extreme jail time!

We all know the TAX Department is run like a Rolls Royce factory and the pressure they are under to support the Country’s National Budget, is ever present. Now more than ever you need to ensure that you cross your T’s and dot your I’s. The TAXMAN is relentless in its duties.

However, it is not all doom and gloom. The TAXMAN allows for a multitude of claimable options for business travel, BUT to benefit from any of these, you need to keep an accurate logbook to substantiate any claim.

Keeping a logbook is not rocket science, but we consistently fail at it, because we are preoccupied and always rushing from point A to point B during our busy workday.

Little LogBook is a perfect solution, easy to use and automatically captures digital records of all you trips, releasing you of the stress at Tax time to conjure up a logbook.

In addition, Little LogBook can be used for your business logbook and call sheet too, ensuring that you maximize the opportunities to keep your money where it belongs… In your own pocket.

Must-Have Tool for Business

Stay on top of your outbound staff activities and cost, at no monthly fees or in app purchases

Being caught administering your business or department, rather than running it, is no joke! Even more so when the administration ends up below par, through no fault of your own. Comprehensive data, clever systems and technology make the management and administration accurate and less time consuming. But what happens when the data is questionable? We rely on our staff and colleagues to maintain accurate data, but they are not infallible. For example, maintaining an accurate travel log for business mileage has far more impact on business, than the obvious business tax claim.

Little LogBook has developed a solution that automates one of the most mundane, but very important tasks of keeping an accurate logbook. Comprehensive digital location based activity monitoring and detailed travel logs allow for accurate data into various components of business.

  • Finance has accurate content to administer expenses.
  • Confidently manage outbound staff whereabouts, timekeeping and efficiencies.
  • Add value to sales meetings with customer specific activity reports.
  • Cut out unnecessary downtime.
  • Eradicate ghost mileage claims.
  • Credible content to act on fictitious activities.
  • Add concrete, GPS based information to your staff KPI’s and performance reviews, with filtered reporting options.
  • Ensure the company’s compliance with regulatory requirements, such as the POPI act, CCMA and TAX.

Little LogBook has no cables, requires no physical installation, easily transferable as staff come and go and as Little LogBook has no monthly or annual charges, all the saving and benefits aren’t whittled away with costly long term contracts.

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